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About Giant K.

Flexible magnet became a flourished industry over 2 decades ago in Taiwan with many factories opened one after another, when Giant K. Innovation Co., Ltd. caught the flow of the time and established the business. However, the industry soon withered in 1988, as most of the companies began to head westward to China to seek for cheaper labor costs. The ones who remained suffered serious competition, and many were even driven out of business.

In the meantime, Giant K. Innovation Co., Ltd. refused to compromise for lesser qualities from the low-cost Chinese labor, thus we took the challenge and gradually found a way to stand firmly in the industry.

Today, Giant K. Innovation Co., Ltd. expertise in flexible magnet and numerous plastic products have established itself a name equivalent to perfection and quality. Our insistence has earned wide recognition from our customers, whom we will always serve with earnest and every possible resource.

Now Giant K. Innovation Co., Ltd. is not only a expert of flexible magnets for various kinds such as magnetic phone index, magnetic photo frame, magnetizc memo board, magnetic puzzle, magnetic stickers and bookmarks, but also a developer to extend our plastic sheets with PET, PVC, PP, and PS to other kind of products such as clipboard, BMI & pregnancy calculator, medical, optical and promotional Rulers, safety pins, luggage tags, VIP SIM and ID cards and related items.

Our items are good for gifts, advertising, promotion, and give-away since we are experienced in this field. The flexible delivery and competitive price make us a reliable manufacturer in Taiwan. Unique, particular designs are welcome; as our art designers would help to build ideas to meet your needs.

After-sales service

Giant K. is committed to provide 100% satisfaction to our customer, so there will be multiple comparisons and confirmations before and during the mass production process, and we even provide on-site color checking services(reservation needed) to ensure that the products we produce fully meet customer expectations.

If the customer is still not satisfied after receiving the goods and places a new order within one month, Giant K. will provide free design revised service and a 10% discount on renewal orders.

If the goods are damaged during the delivery service provided by Giant K., Giant K. will replace the goods free of charge with the fastest delivery after confirmed by photos, videos or disqualified samples.

2020Covid-19 impact the world and all the cost of material increasing insanely. The transportation is in a chaos as well. Giant K. offer a steady quotation, stable quality and accurate delivery with our clients. We pass this difficult situation and have growth together.
2017Giant K. follow the trend to establish Alibaba B2B website. With our three principles: quality, services, and flexibility, we also increasing the languages in our official website. So that our clients can understand us more earlier and save the huge cost of attending business fair. Our clients can check their needs, inspection and pictures on our website first, then asking for samples later. We creat a friendly win-win situation for out clients.
2014Taiwan flexible magnet Co., Ltd. Pass Workplace Conditions Assessment (WCA). Car flexible magnet passed the TÜV SÜD certification. Magnetic PVC Photo Frame successfully passed Bureau Veritas Certification Procedures. Explore Japan market successfully through attending Tokyo ISOT fair with high quality stationery.
2013Giant K. Innovation passed ICTI plant inspection for more and more needed in toy and educational kits! Nowadays clients can check out score on ICTI’s website at their office.
2012Owing to the requirement of Global Supplier Selecting Manuel, Giant K. Innovation passed strict SQP plant inspection and gets the score far surpassed in the average of global manufacturers. Of course, Giant K. Innovation becomes No.1 choice among magnets and educational kits manufacturers for clients all over the world.
2011Giant K Innovation was not only approved by client but also by government! We are awarded by New Taipei City chamber of commerce “Excellent Company” because of growth of export revenue!
2010ISO 9001:2008 / ISO 14001:2004.
Pass The plant inspection of Dollar General (USA) and CVS (USA).
2009Taiwan flexible magnet switch name to Giant K. Innovation Co., Ltd.
Combine two plants to Tucheng, where we built a brand new factory in Yongfong industrial park.
2007Manufacture 50,000,000 pcs magnetic bookmarks for 7-11 within 2 months for seasonal premium.
2006Magnetic premium supplier of e-bay.
2005Youjye Plastic Enterprise Co., Ltd. was merged into Taiwan flexible magnet.
Export """"""""""""""""Yellow Ribbon"""""""""""""""" car magnet to USA.
2003Get the order from ETA Cuisenaire(USA), supply educational kits for pre-school and elementary school students.
2001Kinfong Magnets was merged into Taiwan flexible magnet.All products of Taiwan flexible magnet pass strict testament such as EN-71 and RoHS, and open markets in Middle East, North America, United England, German, Japan, etc.
1989Taiwan flexible magnet moved to brand new plant in SanChung, New Taipei City for more space for production lines.
1987Production lines were wide expanded for more needed. Taiwan flexible magnet presented all customers from raw material to finish products as fridge magnet, stationery and educational puzzle.
1984Taiwan flexible magnet Co., Ltd. was established at February 1984.

SGS Certified Flexible Magnets - Reliable Supplier

Founded in 1986 and located in Taipei, Taiwan, Giant K. Innovation Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing high quality flexible magnets and magnetic products. With over 38 years of experience, we offer a wide range of products, including flexible magnets, ferrous sheets and NdFeB magnets, tailored to meet various industrial needs. Our commitment to quality and innovation ensures that all products meet international safety standards, making us a trusted partner for global customers seeking reliable and customized magnetic solutions.

Giant K. Innovation Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing high-quality flexible magnets and magnetic products. Our expertise spans from sourcing raw materials to producing custom solutions tailored to various industrial needs. Committed to quality and innovation, we ensure all products meet international safety standards.

Giant K. has been offering customers custom magnetic rolls for industrial use, both with advanced technology and 38 years of experience, Giant K. ensures each customer's demands are met.