Giant K. Magnetic Easy Holder

Epoxy (Dome) Magnet

Epoxy (Dome) Magnet

Epoxy surface can catching eyes by more light reflection.

Magnetic Storage Board

Magnetic Storage Board

Magnetic storage board could be attathed, such as binder clip, nail clipper and other metal items. The back of magnetic storage board has repeated adhesive, it is easy to take off.

Giant K. Innovation Co., Ltd. is Taiwan Magnetic Easy Holder supplier and manufacturer with more than 34 years experence. Giant K. Innovation leads you to be impressive giants in your industries by innovative premium & gift.

Magnetic Easy Holder


The attached pouch stores away small items.

Magnetic Easy Holder

You can make your own Easy Holder.
With great magnetism.
You can put all your small pieces even as heavy as coins in magnetic easy Holder.


  • Size: 7.2 x 10 x 4.3cm.
  • PP Tickness: 5mm.
  • Magnet Tickness: 3mm.
  • DIY design.


  • Home
  • Office
  • School

What's flexible magnet

flexible magnet is made of ferrite powder and rubber material.
It is a kind of soft and elastic magnet. flexible magnet is easy processing for sizes and shapes.
It can produce different shapes such as sheet or strip through calendering, extruding.
Magnetic force will not variant although you cut by scissor.