Giant K. Complex Magnetic Sheet

Epoxy (Dome) Magnet

Epoxy (Dome) Magnet

Epoxy surface can catching eyes by more light reflection.

Magnetic Storage Board

Magnetic Storage Board

Magnetic storage board could be attathed, such as binder clip, nail clipper and other metal items. The back of magnetic storage board has repeated adhesive, it is easy to take off.

Giant K. Innovation Co., Ltd. is Taiwan Complex Magnetic Sheet supplier and manufacturer with more than 34 years experence. Giant K. Innovation leads you to be impressive giants in your industries by innovative premium & gift.

Complex Magnetic Sheet


It can glue on paper, EVA and other different materials, attaching on refrigerator.

Complex Magnetic Sheet

Complex Magnetic Sheet is combine magnetic sheet with ferrous Sheet.
It can attach to fridge or metal shelving and be attached to other magnets.
Complex Magnetic Sheet is suitable for magnetic book, magnetic board and magnetic dress up doll.

Compare Magnetic Sheet, Ferrous Sheet and Complex Magnetic Sheet

  Have Magnetic Can be attached Can attach on fridge, white board Applications
Ferrous Sheet Magnetic Book
Magnetic Sheet Fridge Magnet、Magnetic Bookmark
Complex Magnetic Sheet Magnetic Dress-up doll


  • Material: Flexible Magnet + Ferrous Sheet.
  • Proved by ASTM, EN71-1~3, SGS, RoHS.


  • Magnetic Board
  • Magnetic Dress up Doll Game


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